Thursday, July 23, 2009

day 150

it movie date day again for you and me, and today we saw "horton hears a who." it was a cute little movie that you and i both enjoyed, even if they did have a few problems with the movie this morning. they started the movie and about 15 mins. into it the movie messed up and they had to turn it off, it was then you looked at me and said "the end!!!!" i told you "no, they are having a problem and it will start again in a minute. to which you said " no, the on..go!!" but then the movie started again and we watched and ate our popcorn and laughed like we do every tuesday.

love you......

day 145

let me tell you about one of my favorite things in the whole world, it would be you singing and dancing. the reason i love it so much is because you just look like the happiest little girl in the world. you start singing and you close your eyes like you are really into what you are singing. i think it is one of the greatest joys a daddy, even a fill in daddy like myself can ever feel in his heart.

love you.......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day 144

it was week 4 of our movie date day, i think you look as forward to them as i do. i woke up about 30 minutes before you did just to check my email and whatnot, but when you got up you walked into the living room and the first words out of your mouth were "movies?" so we went to see jimmy neutron boy genius and much like i thought it was fun not great but a fun and silly movie. the moral to the movie was "no matter how smart you think you are, you always need your parents." because jimmy neutron thought he was smarter than his parents, and they told him not to talk to strangers. but he didn't listen and tried to contact an alien race in space, and because he did his parents along with all the other kids parents were kidnapped by the aliens and were going to be offered as a sacrifice to a big alien chicken. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

i told you it was a fun and silly movie :0)

love you.....................

Monday, July 6, 2009

day 140

earlier this week i told ms. terry we would come and see her at the church, so today we rode to the church to her. we talked to her for a while, well wait a minute i ran around being your usual charming self. after a little bit her husband mr. mike stopped by and we all decided to go get some lunch at marlow's. you had a great time just sitting there laughing and having a great conversation with a couple of good friends. but as usual you stole the afternoon just being your beautiful self. they really love you and that makes me feel good that people enjoy being around you, it makes me feel like maybe just maybe aunt nina and myself have done something right. because you seem to be the happiest 2 year old girl i've ever seen!!!!!

love you...........................

day 138

storytime this week was a whole lot better than last week, thank goodness!!! the little young girl that did storytime this week was quite animated and seemed like she really liked telling stories. she even did a few musical numbers with dancing and a even a little bit of singing. then it was off to smart start for you to play for a couple of hours, when we got there we found out that you were in the smart start newsletter again. you were as beautiful as ever in those pictures, i also told ms. claire that i was going to have to charge them a modeling fee for all the pictures they have been taking of you, to that you just looked at me and laughed she must have thought i was joking!!! hahahahahaha i guess i really was.

love you............

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

day 137

week 3 of 10 in our little summer movie clubhouse, today we saw "igor." it was a cute little movie not as good as the first two we saw but it had a good little message in it. the moral of the movie can be sumed up in one of the lines from the movie...."everone has as evil bone, it's just up to us if we use it or not."

up next week................jimmy neutron, the boy genius! i personally have high hopes for this movie, mainly because it just looks like it will be a fun movie. not necessarily great, but just fun. so let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

days 134 & 135

it has offically become the dog days of summer, at least for this weekend. we tried to get out and do some stuff but we ended up going swimming pretty much the whole weekend. we took your new float that uncle jody gave you and you had a blast playing with it. the more we were out there the braver you got, by sunday afternoon you wanted to jump off the steps and go under the water before we caught you. then we would bring you back up out of the water and you would just laugh like you were being tickled. it was definitely a water filled weekend, and i'm sure there will be plenty more as the summer rolls on.

love you.......